Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Vikings - Osprey Elite No. 3

The Vikings (Osprey Elite No. 3)
Author(s): Ian Heath
Illustrator(s): Angus McBride
Format: Paperback; 64 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publ.; 1985
ISBN: 9780850455656

Publisher Description: Author Ian Heath transports us to the time of the Vikings examining their epic journeys and the ships they made them in, their methods of warfare—the organisation of their armies and tactics employed, their appearance and equipment and the general history of these fascinating warrior-explorers. His authoritative text is backed by many fine illustrations and photographs including stunning color plates by Angus McBride.

Contents: Who Were the Vikings -- Viking Ships -- Vikings Abroad -- Vikings in England -- Vikings in Ireland: The Battle of Clontarf -- Vikings in the East -- Varangian Guard -- Vikings in England: 11th Century -- Viking Warfare -- Tactics -- Jomsvikings -- Berserks and Wolfcoats -- The Raven Standard


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