Friday, February 19, 2010

Command - New Series from Osprey

Osprey Publishing has announced a new series of books covering the great military commanders of history. The first two volumes cover Napoleon Bonaparte and Erich von Manstein.

Osprey Command No. 1Napoleon Bonaparte
[Osprey Command No. 1]
Author: Gregory Fremont-Barnes
Illustrator: Peter Dennis
Publication Date: May 2010
ISBN: 9781846034589

Publisher's Description: Napoleon Bonaparte is renowned as one of the great military commanders in history, and the central figure in so many of the events of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Throughout the first decade of the 19th century he won battle after battle by wielding the Grande Arm̩e decisively against the other powers of Europe РPrussia, Austria and Russia. Yet his fortunes changed in 1812 when the invasion of Russia wrecked his forces, and Napoleon suffered his final defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

Contents: Introduction || Early years || Military life || Hour of destiny || Inside the mind || When war is done || A life in words


Osprey Command No. 2Erich von Manstein
[Osprey Command No. 2]
Author: Robert Forczyk
Illustrator: Adam Hook
Publication Date: May 2010
ISBN: 9781846034657

Publisher's Description: Erich von Manstein was one of the most successful German commanders of World War II. His military mind proved outstanding in many a conflict but perhaps his greatest triumph was his ingenious operational plan that led to the rapid defeat of France in May 1940. Manstein also showed great skill under adversity by commanding a furious rebuff to the Soviet armies in 1943, whilst Germany were retreating. However, his skill could not reverse Germany’s declining fortunes and Manstein’s frequent disagreement’s with Hitler over military strategy led to his dismissal. Robert Forczyk tells the story of one of Germany’s most valuable military talents, from his early years to his post- war conviction and his later career.

Contents: Introduction || The early years, 1887–1913 || The military life, 1914–43 || The hour of destiny || Opposing commanders || When war is done || Inside the mind || A life in words

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