Monday, January 18, 2010

The Mexican Revolution 1910-20

The Mexican Revolution 1910-20 (Osprey Elite No. 137)
Author: Philip Jowett & Alejandro de Quesada
Illustrator: Stephan Walsh
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publishing Date: 2006
Series: Osprey Elite
ISBN: 9781841769899
Details: Paperback; 64 pages

Publisher's Description:
Many famous Western movies have been set against the background of the Mexican Revolution of the early 20th century. Now, Osprey offer a concise, fact-packed account of the events, armies, uniforms and weapons of those chaotic and bloody years, including such famous but half-understood names as Diaz, Pancho Villa, Zapata, Madero and Huerta. The text is illustrated with rare period photographs and with detailed color plates of orfiristas and Rurales, Maderisitas, Federales, Villistas, Zapatistas, and U.S. intervention troops.

Historical Background ◊ Chronology of Operations ◊ Overview of the Armies ◊ The Federal Army ◊ The Revolutionary Armies ◊ U.S. Intervention Forces

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