Saturday, January 23, 2010

German MG 42 Machine Gun - Training Film

WWII U.S. training film describing the German MG 42 machine gun.


MG 42 CAL. 7.92 MM

The latest German machine gun, and the one which is gradually replacing the MG 34, is the dual-purpose caliber 7.92 mm MG 42. New production methods which employ pressings, riveting, and spot welding give it a less finished appearance than the MG 34 without effecting its efficiency. With the exception of the removal of the barrel, the procedure for firing and stripping this gun is very much the same as for the MG 34. The same type of feed mechanisms are used. And loading is accomplished in the same way.

The rear sight adjustment in this case is of the tangent leaf type sliding on a ramp which is graduated from 200 to 2000 meters. The gun fires full automatic only, there is no provision for single-shot fire.

Disassembly is the same as the MG 34. The lower part of the sling is removed. The bipod is separated from the barrel jacket. To change the barrel, a barrel change lever hinged on the right side of the barrel jacket is provided. The lever swings out bringing the barrel with it. Slide the barrel to the rear and remove it. Then the butt comes off, followed by the driving spring. The cocking handle is pulled to the rear, and the bolt comes out. The completes the disassembly.

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